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Primary Teacher

Salary: £95-£189 p/day

Primary Teacher Description Why choose us? The Primary Teacher is in demand! Especially as pupils continue to get back on track with their learning. This means that we, in turn,…

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Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs)

Salary: £80 - £85/day

Higher Level Teaching Assistants Description Higher Level Teaching Assistants HLTAs are very popular with schools and ours tend to get booked up very quickly. They are always in demand. As a result…

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SEN Teaching Assistants

Salary: £70 - £80/day

SEN TEACHING ASSISTANTS Description A larger number of schools are now requesting Teaching Assistants to help children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). The additional needs can vary. Some children have…

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Keystage 2 Teachers

Salary: £95 - £189/day

KEYSTAGE 2 TEACHERS DESCRIPTION With the summer break approaching quickly, we urgently need additional, Keystage 2 Teachers. We have assignments scheduled to start in September. Recent practical classroom experience is a…

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